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4 Simple tips to extend the life of your fridge

Family hanging out in kitchen fridge opened
Family hanging out in kitchen fridge opened
Family hanging out in kitchen fridge opened

Discover simple maintenance techniques to maximize the longevity of your trusty refrigerator.

Since their invention in 1913, home refrigerators have helped us in our pursuit to preserve food – saving households tons of money by keeping food fresher for longer.

But even today’s modern refrigerators need a little care to keep running smoothly. Skipping regular maintenance can greatly decrease the lifespan of your fridge and freezer. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to extend the life of your fridge and avoid costly repairs and replacements along the way:

Wipe out the inside.

Keeping the inside of your refrigerator and freezer clean will eliminate odors and keep food fresher, longer.


Use a simple one-to-one solution of baking soda and water to help get rid of tough odors. For stains, mix the same ingredients into a paste consistency. Try this instead of using abrasive cleaners.


Weekly or as needed.

Clean the coils.

While common, dusty coils force your fridge to work harder, driving up your energy bills.


Start by locating the coils behind or underneath your fridge and removing the grill. Using a coil brush or vacuum attachment, gently remove the buildup from the coils.


Every three months or monthly for pet owners.

Change the water filter.

Before you put off a filter replacement request from your fridge, you might want to know that unfiltered water is often cleaner than water that’s gone through a dirty filter.


If your refrigerator has an ice maker or water dispenser, change the filter regularly to get the cleanest water.


Filters need to be replaced about every six months.

Check the gaskets.

Refrigerant gaskets are the strips around the door that keep your fridge and freezer sealed shut, making them one of the most vital components to maintain.


You can test to see if they're working efficiently by shutting a dollar bill in the door. If you can pull it out easily, it may be time to replace the gaskets. To ensure they stay effective, wipe them down with all-purpose cleaner or vinegar to avoid the buildup of mildew.


Wipe gaskets down regularly or as needed.

With so many makes and models out there, it’s important to read your manufacturer's instructions and adhere to their guidelines before you perform any maintenance – no matter how simple.

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