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Are you prepared for air conditioning breakdowns?

Lady with paper fan
Lady with paper fan
Lady with paper fan

Learn about common AC issues and how NRG Protects can help.

An air conditioning breakdown in the heat of summer is one of the worst possible surprises, and it’s rarely covered by home insurance. But simple, regular maintenance can detect and correct problems before your air conditioner fails, helping you save money by maximizing the lifespan and efficiency of your system. Learn about common AC issues below, and how NRG can help.

Without regular maintenance, AC units can get less efficient, which leads to worse performance and rising energy bills. These are the common problem areas: 


A good air conditioner can't make up for bad ductwork. If ducts aren't properly sized or sealed, treated air can leak outside and humid, dirty air can get sucked inside. Old, brittle duct tape, shoddy installation, or dirty ducts can all affect performance.


Thermostats have a 7 to 10-year lifespan and are susceptible to surge damage. When a thermostat becomes inaccurate or unreliable, it should be replaced immediately. New smart thermostats offer unprecedented features like smartphone control and advanced energy-saving technology.

Condenser fan and coils

Condenser coils must be clean to absorb heat effectively and fans must be spinning at full speed to push that heat out. If you have a problem in either area, your AC won’t work as effectively.

Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV)

The TXV inside your AC modulates the amount of refrigerant passing through the system and optimizes system performance. If it's not working right, performance drops and your energy bills rise.


Air conditioning protection plans

So, what do you do if your AC unit isn’t working as well as it should or it’s nearing the end of its life? Our Air Conditioning Protection Plans  can shield you from unexpected repair expenses and help you avoid costly breakdowns in the future, helping you keep cool no matter the weather.


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Our plans give you lots of options, so you can get just what you need for your home without paying for coverage you don't need.



Terms and conditions contained in the protection plans may limit our contract obligations due to coverage caps, coverage exclusions, and our cash back offer. View plan details for more information.