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Furnace servicing 101

Person adjusting thermostat
Person adjusting thermostat
Person adjusting thermostat

Ensure a warm and cozy season with proper furnace servicing and maintenance techniques.

We think of the furnace as the heart of the home, reliably keeping you warm even on the chilliest winter nights. But even old reliable needs a little TLC sometimes and servicing your furnace before it breaks may extend its life and keep your utility costs down.

Simple furnace maintenance

1) Change your furnace air filters a minimum of every three months. Dirty filters make your furnace work harder which can increase energy costs, damage equipment, and lead to early furnace failure.*

2) Create a regular maintenance schedule. Schedule your annual furnace maintenance in early fall before contractors hit their busy winter season and before you need to turn on your furnace.

3) Pay attention. If you notice anything unusual — like a strange sound when the furnace starts or water leaking from the unit — it's always wise to call a technician to investigate your concerns.

It’s not broken so why fix it? 

1) Safety. Since many furnaces are gas-fired, they’re at risk for carbon monoxide leaks and could be a fire hazard.

2) Efficiency and performance. If your furnace sounds like it's working harder than normal, chances are it is, and you'll probably see the effects in higher energy bills.

3) Longevity and baseline maintenance. Just like oil changes for your car, experts say a home's heating and cooling systems should also get checkups to keep them running properly.

When you schedule furnace maintenance, your service provider should:

1. Review the controls and gas pressure

2. Perform a burner combustion analysis

3. Perform a heat exchanger inspection

4. Evaluate the location of the furnace

5. Check the burner performance, temperature rises, and fan control settings

6. Clean the furnace

7. Lubricate parts

8. Check all controls and vents for air flow volume

While we love DIY projects, leave this one to the pros! 

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