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Plumbing Tips for Homeowners 

Woman fixing plumbing
Woman fixing plumbing
Woman fixing plumbing

Learn preventative and proactive tips to keep your plumbing in tip-top shape.

Did you know most homeowners insurance policies do not cover blocked toilets, sinks, showers, moving parts within a toilet tank, and other potential plumbing problems?

The good news is that there are preventative and proactive things you can do to preserve your plumbing and drains.

Preventing plumbing mishaps 

  • Keep drains clear. In the kitchen, don't pour food bits or anything greasy down your sink.
  • Clean drains. In the bathroom, be extra careful to remove hair and soap from sink and shower drains, as they are notorious for clogging pipes. Once a month, use a biodegradable drain treatment to eliminate any buildup of debris in sink and shower drains.
  • Make sure it’s flushable. Toilet tissue is the only thing you should flush down toilets. Do not flush cotton swabs, sanitary products, diapers, paper hand towels, or anything else.
  • Run hot water down all your drains regularly. Even if you're extra-careful, bits of grease can end up down your kitchen sink, and hot water will help dissolve it to avoid buildups. Same goes for your garbage disposal, especially the newer units, as they'll run more effectively if you run hot water into them for at least 15 seconds before every use. 

Proactive plumbing checks

  • Have your home inspected annually by a licensed plumber. This professional should double-check all plastic fittings for the dishwasher, ice maker, laundry hoses, and more. A good inspection includes exercising all the stop valves and flushing the water heater from sediment.
  • Check your washing machine hoses annually. Look for any bulges that might lead to problems.
  • Always be on the lookout. Check for signs of wear, bulging, or leakage in any lines or pipes. You don't want a plumbing emergency on your hands while water gathers at your feet!
  • Get smart about plumbing. It can be extra-perilous if a leak occurs when you're away from home. Look for products that offer wireless sensing, as this technology sends an alert to your smartphone and instantly shuts off your water in the event you have a water leak.

For an added layer of protection, consider a Plumbing Protection Plan to cover repair or maintenance expenses. 

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Our plans give you lots of options, so you can get just what you need for your home without paying for coverage you don't need.

Terms and conditions contained in the protection plans may limit our contract obligations due to coverage caps, coverage exclusions, and our cash back offer. View plan details for more information.

*Repair claims are limited to $500 per service call and $2,000 per plan in the aggregate per plan term. Plans are provided by NRG Protects Inc. Independent contractors will be performing various services under the plans. In some instances we may make a cash payment in lieu of repairs or replacement in the amount of actual cost, which may be less than retail, to repair or replace any covered system, component, or appliance.

**If your authorized repair technician determines that the water heater is deemed irreparable, we will give you a credit of $500 towards a replacement water heater by your authorized repair technician.

Once repair plans commence, there is a 30-day waiting period before you may request services for a claim. Unless the plan provider elects not to renew the plan, upon expiration of the first year, the plan will automatically renew at the standard rate and terms unless you opt out of the auto-renewal option in writing by mail at P.O. Box 2309, Houston, TX 77252- 2309, by email at or by calling us at 1.855.241.9094. Sales tax will be added in select states.

This is a summary of what the provider will and will not cover under the plan, and is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the plan. The Terms and Conditions may limit the provider's contractual obligations due to coverage caps, coverage exclusions and any cash-back option available under the plan. Please refer to the Sample Terms & Conditions for details.