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Why do I need a plumbing protection plan?

Virtually all plumbing repairs are high priority – but they don’t have to be high cost.

Indoor plumbing is easy to take for granted, but all it takes is a clogged drain or leaky pipe to remind us how much we depend on it. The technology that revolutionized the way we cook, bathe and do our “business” is still dependent on simple parts that break down after years of wear and tear. When a part of your plumbing system doesn’t work the way it should, it can grind your daily routine to a halt – which means it’s hard to put off repairs, even if they’re expensive.

Plumbing repairs are inevitable, but big plumbing repair bills don’t have to be. Our plumbing protection plans address the repair of leaks and stoppages in your interior water, waste, and drain lines, so you can get these problems fixed with fewer worries about the cost. When you contact us to request service, well arrange for a licensed plumber to diagnose and fix the problem, saving you the stress of searching for a qualified professional.

Planning ahead makes repairs afforable.

Plumbers have seen it all, from simple problems like a grease clog in the kitchen sink, to alarming emergencies like toilets backing up into the shower. If something like this happens in your home, wouldn’t you rather have a plan?

Our plans will protect your budget with up to $500 in covered repairs per service call, with an annual limit of $2,000.* It’s invaluable coverage that’s there when you need it most.  Make an investment in your home plumbing system – and your peace of mind - today to save yourself time, money, and stress tomorrow.

Flexible choices to fit your needs

With multiple coverage options, there’s a protection plan for every home and budget.

Plumbing maintenance: get an annual plumbing safety inspection, leak check and water heater tune-up

Plumbing repairs: coverage for repairing leaks and clearing stoppages

Plumbing repair & maintenance: combine the benefits of both types of coverage

Plumbing repair & maintenance + water heater repair: all the above protection, plus water heater repairs, and a $500 replacement credit if your water heater can't be repaired**

Make modest monthly investment in your future serenity. With a protection plan, you can rest assured that when your plumbing springs a leak, we'll be there to bail you out. 

Looking for coverage for other parts of your home? Check out our full suite of plans to see what we have to offer.

Browse plumbing protection

Repairs are inevitable, but you can be prepared. Take a look at our plumbing plans and select the one that's right for your home.

Terms and conditions contained in the protection plans may limit our contract obligations due to coverage caps, coverage exclusions, and our cash back offer. View plan details for more information.

*Repair claims are limited to $500 per service call and $2,000 per plan in the aggregate per plan term. Plans are provided by NRG Protects Inc. Independent contractors will be performing various services under the plans. In some instances we may make a cash payment in lieu of repairs or replacement in the amount of actual cost, which may be less than retail, to repair or replace any covered system, component, or appliance.

**If your authorized repair technician determines that the water heater is deemed irreparable, we will give you a credit of $500 towards a replacement water heater by your authorized repair technician.

Once repair plans commence, there is a 30-day waiting period before you may request services for a claim. Unless the plan provider elects not to renew the plan, upon expiration of the first year, the plan will automatically renew at the standard rate and terms unless you opt out of the auto-renewal option in writing by mail at P.O. Box 2309, Houston, TX 77252- 2309, by email at or by calling us at 1.855.241.9094. Sales tax will be added in select states.

This is a summary of what the provider will and will not cover under the plan, and is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the plan. The Terms and Conditions may limit the provider's contractual obligations due to coverage caps, coverage exclusions and any cash-back option available under the plan. Please refer to the Sample Terms & Conditions for details.